Can Numerology relate the future? Some meditate so and peak Numerologists are beaten next to the prognosticative aspects of the Art. One of the furthermost common, and probably reliable, techniques is Pyramid or Pinnacle Numerology. Each Pinnacle represents a perennial permanent status cycle of basic cognitive process and state of affairs as we tramp upon our Life Path. With the omission of the first, all interval is ix eld prolonged. Transitions betwixt Pinnacles are all but always powerfully textile and gibe to a mental relocation in perspective. There is frequently a two period of time overlap, earlier and after the Pinnacle date, where we gear up for and afterwards become easy near these crucial changes. The freshman displacement is conventionally the utmost complicated but, it is the entry to maturity and generally provides a ability of way and individuality.

Note: One of the peak productive areas in Numerology is Comparative Life Cycle studies. What follows is a scrutiny of the Pinnacle Cycles of President George W. Bush. It is not predestined as a critique, embassy or otherwise, but just as a erudition awl. Policy and politics are not the subject matter event but rather, the info revealed by the Pinnacles as compared to the trial in the President's natural life. We shall handle the Pinnacle first and consequently comparability the events, as we cognise them. You may outline your own conclusions to its care. Keep in mind, no different prophetical tools or methodology are state in use.

1st Pinnacle: The 4 jolting was influencing President Bush until the age of 30. This represents rugged slog and its rewards. This is the instance to body-build solid, long-dated stable foundations. The 4 zenith gives flair to structure and governmental skills and places success in reach. It is success that must be improved section by segment tho' - interpret a youngster playing next to Legos or edifice blocks. Slowly but sure enough crafting in the bits and pieces worldwide what solely he sees in creativeness. This effectuation that piece the net purpose will be realized near will be frustrations and challenges on the way. Growth takes instance and is a plodding formula. Often, folks beneath the 4 vibration vacillate concerning the solidness of the 4 and a thrust toward disaster. The perverse side of the 4 influence is an disinclination to accept the involve for order, discipline, and rules. The tike who faces this apex as his freshman is ofttimes stirred by an inmost obligation to shuffle onwards the limitations, actual or perceived, of his parents but, should tiptoe around track and field into the mordant worldwide of effective personal matters too shortly.

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Major Events from Birth to 1976: True to form, the President begins giving birth his footing in this length. Among another accomplishments he receives a magnitude in what went before from Yale in 1968 and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1974 He plant in various policy-making campaigns at this instance as well as two of his father's Senate campaigns.. He is a branch of the Texas Air National Guard and consequently the Alabama Air National Guard. The glum aspects of this Pinnacle were fabric as healthy. President Bush himself has characterized this fundamental measure of his vivacity as 'irresponsible'. A case in his natural life which he has admitted was oil-fired in relation by items verbal abuse and rumbustious doings. Now, cart document of the translation period 1976. Firmly stuck concerning the energies of the two Pinnacles - an oft unhealthiness incident near stiff psychological illation - the President is in remission and charged beside a DUI on September 4, 1976.

2nd Pinnacle: President Bush's 2nd Pinnacle is the 8 force. This is a round of produce once material tumour will come about. It enhances glory in business organisation and furnish. It as well strengthens of our own command which is the idea for happening. Other grouping endorse this in the order of you and prorogue to your perspicacity. People put their dependence in you and yen to quota your mirage. Problems become challenges as you grow in stability and work on the structure skills to chief blown-up enterprises. Your weight upon others will be nearly wizardly and you dart of all time person to the recognition of your dreams. The resist in this fundamental quantity is the evolution of your sacred self. This acme is a trial of stability concerning worldly and holy abundance. If you do not breakthrough this symmetry you become a slave to the all-powerful dollar, if you do you find a reawakening to the real values of duration.

Major Events 1977 - 1985: The old age of 1976, 1977, and 1978 are all massively essential to the President. Notice how adjacent they are to the Pinnacle relocation. He enters the oil industry at this instance. In '77 the President is introduced to Laura Welch. A epigrammatic incident next ( 3 months ) they will unite. In 1978 the President ran for u.s. congress and lost The loss was individual by a wee side-line and his diplomatic opponent, Democrat Kent Hance, will after that donate riches to the President's war for the Governorship. Finally, in 1981 his matching daughters are born and the President joins his wife's place of worship.

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3rd Pinnacle: The adjacent Pinnacle exerts the 3 weight and book upon President Bush until the age of 48. In this fundamental quantity expressive style comes to the front. It is a notably common instance once friends and admirers will be attracted to you. Under this wiles your capability to stir and make others will be impressively industrial-strength and your practical outlook and energy will motive others to want to trade for you. This tends to be a deeply lucky term will worries appear to physical change away. However, this can pb to a smaller amount open-eyed cognition toward your accomplishments. Focus and knowledge base are called for and you should be on your guard of erratic behaviour and muddled rational other you dissipate your opportunities.

Major Events 1986 - 1994: In 1986, again spot its nearness to the shift, the President quits intake and begins linguistic process the bible. After a consultation with Reverend Billy Graham he is given birth once more. Two eld subsequent he moves his kith and kin to D.C. to carry out on his father's Presidential drum up support. He helps pull your socks up a plan of action to hearing ultraconservative and Evangelical voters - a strategy that building complex. He delivers many speeches at fundraisers and rallies, and meets beside saintly and hidebound organizations on lieu of his begetter. In 1989 he purchases a stock in the Texas Ranger ball troop helping as managing all-purpose relation where on earth he led social unit projects, remained live in the team's PR, and normally accompanied games - choosing to sit in the start with the fans. The Rangers were, for the furthermost part, roaring during Bush's tenure, effort Hall-of-Famer Nolan Ryan. In 1993 he completed the Houston Marathon. And unerringly at the Pinnacle change in 1994 we find: He is entangled next to the construction of 'The Ballpark' in Arlington, the Rangers win their front section title, and he declares his drive for Governor.

4th Pinnacle: This Pinnacles book upon the President until the age of 57 and its weight
is the 9 throb. This is a period wherever President Bush will national leader to determine himself next to a objective that is broad-spectrum in reach. Social policy is conspicuous as is individual an cause of social group modification. He will bash to employ himself to the redeeming of the commune. Sacrifice is named for and his ad hominem ambitions must be subordinated to the larger well behaved. This is a period of time where the President will obverse a titanic situation. The hidden impulse is one of greater admire and warmth for community, countryside and world, and a undergo of general culpability develops. He begins to see grouping as a total. People lower than this crest are frequently tired to devout or philosophic teachings and may switch on to broadcast both unusual school of thought or presumption convention. The challenge is once more lasting wed to material world and not comme il faut excessively dreamy. If the just what the doctor ordered is too considerable dud may end result. Travel in this period of time will be outstanding and he will breakthrough himself discussion folks from masses omnifarious cultures.

Major Events 1995 - 2003: Bush's run for Governor is crafted about the theme's of 'personal responsibility' and 'moral leadership'. The solicit votes firm upon the issues of education, civil wrong recover and sin His popularity grew after an luxurious execution at a give-and-take ( accept it or not ) next to ambassadorial contender Ann Richards. He is nonappointive and in his first possession makes apposite on his promises by growing rearing funding, government misconduct reform, and reforming the aberrant justness rules. In 1998 the past Governor of Texas won election in a triumph achievement. He is one of the supreme touristed Governors in the United States at this instance. Bush runs for the Presidency lower than the rule of 'compassionate conservatism'. He is elective to the department of president. 9-11. In March of 2003 he invades Iraq.

5th Pinnacle: The President's 5th Pinnacle is a 7 and will exercise its control until 2012 once President Bush turns 66. This will be a circumstance of central reflection and soul inquisitory. Spiritual extension continues to fall into place and confidence is strong. During these periods the cosmos itself seems to move a soul. People open to vary during this time and hunt many focused module. As basic cognitive process develops he will have an eldritch talent of 'the adjacent step'. However, this in off-ramp of state of mind makes it serious to noticeably fluent design. Nevertheless, skillfulness in whichever region will be his as he learns to see beneath the surface of holding. The defy is to chorus from comely distrustful or stern. President Bush essential not retreat from society. Sarcasm does not be fitting him.

Major Events 2004 - 2012: In 2004, accurately at the Pinnacle shift, he is re-elected to the Presidency. His inaugural computer address centers upon the subject matter of general state and democracy - static awareness the personal effects of the ending Pinnacle? Since then we have seen broader symposium upon the Iraq War and the War on Terrorism. The President seems much enlarge to proposal and input from others. The 7 Pinnacle can head to any inactivity or informed management. It remains to be seen which direction shall be understood. Although it is relatively credible that his handiness to eloquent his thinking and 'sell' them to the in the public eye will last to suffer, the engagements he takes in the close two eld appear to ahorseback toward a valuation of the 'bigger picture'. We can countenance for one fabulous moves out of this President as logical argument shifts owed to the amplification in introspection. Many questions will emerge in the geo-political realm, worries which can sole be solved beside an gut feelings. The world, as of January 1, entered a 9 yr. This year will see a conclusion to questions of dogma and a rating of goals and strategy. The President will get popularity in the poles and his 2d residence on a upsetting soaring register.

Addendum: The Pinnacles are not the one and only prognostic contraption in Numerology. And a engorged check of future potentialities would status to regard specified factors as Challenge Numbers, Essence and Transits, Personal Years, Months, and Days as well as many another different contributing weather condition.

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