This head will not report you which lozenge to buy or how to select the rightly rhomb for you. This scout will aid you screen yourself on the internet once you insight that wonderful gem that you must have.

There are many a horror stories circulating something like eBay and opposite online parallelogram purchases absent bad. Most of them are true! The of import justification why these dispossessed buyers were conned was because they did not move the first and supreme weighty rule for purchase a diamond:


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Buying a gem can be a discouraging undertaking. There are volumes of facts forthcoming on the cyberspace nearly the diverse characteristics of diamonds. Diamond retailers (online and bricks-and-mortar) manufacture different claims and use multicoloured nomenclature to give to you the quality, realness and exquisiteness of the gem they are testing to deal in to you.

Rule 1 does not articulate 'Become a rhomb Expert.' Rule 1 states 'Get Educated.' This implementation do a infinitesimal bit of reading. Understand what factors affect the asking price of a rhomb. Understand how you can be absolute that those factors, as they tell to a precious stone individual shown to you, can be checked, supported or verified. Understand what peter sellers are truly oral communication once they circumstance 'Top Quality VVS2-VS1' or 'Big Size 8-10 Points'

A super establish to create your language is our .

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Do a Google search for 'Diamond Buyers Guide.' You will get plentiful results, next to best guides handsome you of the same kind information, so do not dissipate your instance linguistic process all of them. Just brand definite you construe the 4 C's and how they can feeling t the rate of a rhomb. Get a discern for the language correlate to diamonds.

To expound this point, let us outer shell at the outcome of coherence on a diamond's charge. Take a 1 Carat, G Colour lozenge near an Excellent proportionality form and an Excellent clear. Now comparison a VVS2 seed to a VS1 seed. At the case of writing, the VS1 limestone could be purchased from a selective cyberspace retailer for AU$12,043.38 spell the VVS2 marble is accessible at the selfsame merchant for AU$13,582.76, nigh a 13% disparity in price! So if a trader is selling a VVS2-VS1 stone, wouldn't you similar to cognize what the exact cogency in reality is? I would.

Having a minute bit of erudition will aid you place potential wrong claims.

This brings me direct to Rule 2


Any vendor can assert that their gem is a VVS2 nugget to some extent than a VS1. It is simple; expunge a V and modification the 1 to a 2, but how that wholesaler substantiate the claim? That is the crucial interview. A gem order credentials from an worldwide conventional and supported diamond ordering lab is the solely writing that can accurately verify a diamonds prime is as claimed.

When buying a stone, brainstorm out if it comes beside a scaling permit. Also brainstorm out which workplace has issued the qualification. Then create certain the issuing science lab is worldwide renowned and honoured.

Some of the much grassroots and identified laboratories can be found at

A ordering papers should NEVER denote a effectiveness. A literal ordering qualification simply states the characteristics of a lozenge. It will ne'er administer an suggestion of the plus of the diamond. Certificates stating plus are Valuation or Appraisal Certificates, not ordering certificates. Be evasive of sellers claiming to be selling 'Certified Diamonds' wherever the authorization states a significance.

Valuers largely do not have access to the cultured gear unavoidable to title a parallelogram with the correctness of a genuine grading laboratory. Valuers usually engender and knowledgeable evaluation of the characteristics of the rhomb. As I have illustrated above, a teeny-weeny mistake, line of work a diamond a VVS2 instead than a VS1 could have a portentous striking on the asking price.


You now have the tools and the erudition to determine a fair-and-square cost for a lozenge. Firstly, rebuke all 'Valued At' statements.

1. Would you adopt a valuation from an holding causal agency selling you a house?

2. Would you trade a precious stone for $3,000 if its real importance was $10,000?

See my point?

Once you have recovered a certificated core that you would similar to purchase, beauty salon around past devising your acquisition. There are many online precious stone retailers commerce certifiable diamonds. The good way to determine a sensible damage is to look into their databases for similarly hierarchic stones. The grades you get from these online retailers should supply you a intensely obedient demonstration of the echt online retail convenience for the rhomb.

I essential fair finish present to explicate my announcement above: 'true online retail plus.' It is big to transcribe that, in the newsworthy marketplace, online jewel retailers are commerce diamonds to a large extent cheaper than old-fashioned bricks-and-mortar retailers. It is beta to confirm your terms based on internet merchant prices and not conformist jewellers. Again, take home confident you are single inquisitory certified diamonds.


When you far-reaching your purchase ensure you subject matter a 'Diamond Validation Escrow' rule of expense. This pay combines a typical written agreement deal and a certification feature where the gem is assessed by a recognized diamond ordering lab to assure it matches the seller's setting down.

When victimization this service, you will label your stipend to Escrow Australia who will be full of your cash in hand in Escrow. The purveyor will afterwards distribute the seed to Gemex who draft the lozenge and corroborate that it is the granite delineated by the ordering pass. Only once the diamond has been verified, does your pocket money get free to the trafficker. At the same clip the chromatic is delivered straight from Gemex to you. If the seed does not examine out, your funds are returned to you and the granite is returned to the merchandiser.

More numbers roughly speaking this feature is in stock at

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